• This book has been such a blessing to read.  As I read through the chapters in the book, I felt as if God was speaking to me. I was inspired, renewed and encouraged as I read through the pages. Thank you John for being a faithful servant and allowing God to inspire you to write this book.

    Moses Cabrera- Head Strength and Conditioning Coach New England Patriots

  • “I highly recommend you checking out John Brookfield’s new book, Renew Your Youth God’s Way. This book will reveal to you Biblical principles on how to truly obtain divine health, greater physical strength and greater mental focus and clarity. You will not only learn how to walk in these blessings but also how to keep these blessings and add many years to your life. This book will show you how to sleep better, strengthen your body and mind, give you a greater zest for life and help you find true inner peace so that you can be all that you were created to be!”

    Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS Owner, Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises Under Armour Performance Training Team Author, The WOW BOOK and The IMPACT Body Plan

  • “Renewing Your Youth Gods Way” is a fantastic book on how to restore your body, mind and spirit!  John highlights how the Bible addresses and offers solutions to improving joint health, eliminating back pain, strengthening your core, increasing overall vitality and more!  Also, John is evidence and proof that what he writes has high value, at 61 years old his physicality and overall energy is amazing!  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

    Ken Blackburn, Owner – Blackburn Fitness, International Team Leader Kettlebell Sport

  • Renew Your Youth God’s Way is filled with practical wisdom from the Word of God.  John Brookfield takes God’s Word seriously.  He doesn’t simply see the Bible as a religious book to be read at church on Sundays.  He truly believes there is life-giving wisdom in every word.  You will be encouraged, inspired, and renewed when you read this book.

    Chip Pugh, Discipleship Minister, Collegeside Church of Christ, Strength And Conditioning Coach Tennessee Tech University “Be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 2:1)

  • So many people are searching the internet, books, and magazine articles for the secret to unlocking a better, healthier and more satisfying life, and unfortunately many people will immediately write off the Bible as nothing but a book containing religious concepts. But as John Brookfield writes about in his book “Renew Your Youth God’s Way”, the secrets to renewing your youth can be found in God’s book of wisdom, the Holy Scriptures.  God has gifted John Brookfield to help people see the secrets of a successful life within the Scriptures. I believe anyone who reads this book will not only be encouraged by God’s Word, but will find practical truths to implement into their daily lives to help them feel better physically and spiritually. I appreciate John’s writing style, he writes to the common man so we can understand and apply God’s Word immediately to our lives. 


  • Mr. John Brookfield is a humble servant of the Lord. Between what he’s done with the battling ropes and other systems for training, more importantly he has done all this with Jesus and the power of the Cross always first. God has given him a word that he wants to spread and the words in his book Renew Your Youth God’s Way are only words that will help you lead a better life but more importantly lead a better life for Christ.

    Chris Metzger, Head Football Coach, Pinecrest High School, National Coach Of The Year 2019

  • John has some ideas in this book that were new for me, such as earthing, floor sitting, ground sleeping, etc. Next time I wash my car outside, I just may do it in my bare feet! Like me, you may find some of his suggestions for healthier living thought provoking and worthy of further consideration. Plus, the book is well written. Enjoy!

    Bob Sorge, Author, Secrets of the Secret Place

  • John Brookfield is more than a superhuman athlete; he is a brilliant strength and conditioning mind. 

    Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman, StrongFirst, Inc.

  •  John did an unbelievable job connecting the Spiritual and physical dimensions and everything is backed by scripture.    It is very God Inspired and you can tell He was speaking through John.   This book is definitely going to deepen peoples walk with Jesus and Change Lives. My prayer is that someone who doesn’t know Jesus and reads this book will comes to have a  personal relationship with Him as they look to regain their youth. 


  • The book of Proverbs encourages us to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” John Brookfield  digs deep into Scriptures and pulls out many gems when it comes to living out a healthy and abundant life as designed by our Creator.  “”Renewing Your Youth God’s Way” is a very refreshing, insightful and practical book to being fit (i.e. useful) for the time we have here on earth. 

    Jeff Martone, Crossfit Kettlebell Certification Instructor, Tactical

  • This book will inspire any age group although the older we get it seems the younger we want to be. This book gives you divine revelation into the scriptures that give you insight   on how to renew your youth God’s way. As you read you will find each chapter full of the word of God. Remember your age will not change but how you feel about your age will. When we learn to apply the principles of this book into our daily lives our strength will Return, our youth will be renewed. Don’t be surprised when you finish this book, you may have the urge to mount up with wings as eagles. A must read!


  • Renew Your Youth God’s Way is a must read for anyone having the desire to improve their relationship with Jesus Christ. This book gives the Christian a divine food for thought, that provides biblical clarity that one can apply in everyday life…

    Thomas McKellar Israel, K-9 Behaviorist and Trainer

  • “Renew Your Youth God’s Way” delivers more than the title suggests. John Brookfield has searched the scriptures, seeking what God has to say about how we can live the fruitful lives we were meant to live. It is a gentle, honest, and encouraging journey into the spiritual truths found in God’s Word and the timeless physical applications that will restore us. Mr. Brookfield’s passion for the subject, humility in delivery, and his genuine care shines through in this inspired read. His writing is unique, presenting material with truth. If you open your mind and heart to receive the message herein, you will renew your life! Thank you, Mr. Brookfield.

    Chip Morton, long time head strength and conditioning coach of the Cincinnati Bengals

  • I’d like to thank you for writing this book. There is much said about being prosperous and other principles but this was so refreshing to discover. Also, today when cosmetic quick fixes are easily available, the Lord has even provided these precious promises! And I’m loving taking care of myself and standing on these promises as I do!

    Once again, thank you soooooo much! I’m excited to see my youth renewed and my quality of life improved! 

    Liezel D’Alesio



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