Chip Pugh, Discipleship Minister, Collegeside Church of Christ, Strength And Conditioning Coach Tennessee Tech University “Be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 2:1)

Renew Your Youth God’s Way is filled with practical wisdom from the Word of God.  John Brookfield takes God’s Word seriously.  He doesn’t simply see the Bible as a religious book to be read at church on Sundays.  He truly believes there is life-giving wisdom in every word.  You will be encouraged, inspired, and renewed


So many people are searching the internet, books, and magazine articles for the secret to unlocking a better, healthier and more satisfying life, and unfortunately many people will immediately write off the Bible as nothing but a book containing religious concepts. But as John Brookfield writes about in his book “Renew Your Youth God’s Way”,

Bob Sorge, Author, Secrets of the Secret Place

John has some ideas in this book that were new for me, such as earthing, floor sitting, ground sleeping, etc. Next time I wash my car outside, I just may do it in my bare feet! Like me, you may find some of his suggestions for healthier living thought provoking and worthy of further consideration.